Lisa Fraser Dance and Fitness

Delivering high quality fitness and dance studio classes in Hereford.
Including Zumba®, Fitsteps®, Pilates, Strong Nation®, BurlesqueBlast and Fit4tap®.


We have a wide variety of dance and fitness classes available, from high energy, high intensity sessions to core strength and body conditioning classes.

Music is an important motivating factor when you're working out so our classes are set to an extensive soundtrack featuring any genre you can think of!

The atmosphere is fun and friendly, with beginners always welcome. A non competitive and inclusive environment is always encouraged to help you to feel comfortable and assist you to sustain a regular and effective fitness regime.


Our classes are held in three beautiful venues in the Hereford area. All are suitable for studio exercise classes with appropriate flooring and adequate ventilation or air conditioning systems in place.

Each class location uses a professional sound system so you can hear both the music and your instructor.