Wednesday 6:45pm–7:30pm @ Hereford Academy of Dance


Most people have heard of Bokwa® but many are unsure as to what a class actually entails. Bokwa® isn’t strictly a dance workout, we don’t use choreography as such and you certainly don’t have to count!

There are 12 basic moves or sequences used in a Level 1 Bokwa® class, each relates to a letter or a number which you then draw on the floor with your feet.

Your instructor will teach, arrange and mix up these moves, all of which can be done at low, medium or high intensity. This creates a workout that everyone from beginners to experienced dancers can do together .We use fantastic up to date music mixes so classes have a great energy and are very addictive. As Bokwa® like to say, “If you can move and you can spell, you can do Bokwa®! “